Magento 2 Developer Training In-house Pros and Cons

When you are considering developing a Magento 2 store for your business or upgrading to a more recent version and your in-house developers cannot handle the project, one important question that will pop up is whether to go for Magento 2 Developer training in-house to teach your development team how to launch and manage your Magento 2 store or hire an agency to develop and manage the store for you.

Magento 2 is an e-commerce powerhouse that is highly scalable with a wide range of support networks. It is a complete shopping cart solution for small, medium and large-scale businesses. It helps you to effectively manage your content, functionality, and design of your online store.

As good as Magento 2 is, it can be intimidating and scary at the first look. The technology is new to make it the best e-commerce platform for the next ten years. As such, not all developers can handle it because a good Magento Developer needs to understand object-oriented experience with the core software.

Investing in a Magento 2 Developer training in-house is a long time investment that will help your team of developers to enhance their hands-on practical development skills.  

However, before you take the leap, know the pros and cons of having a Magento 2 developer training in the office.

There are numerous benefits of using a Magento 2 Developer training in-house provider. Below are 10 pros.

Magento 2 Developer Training In-house Pros

1. Magento 2 Developer Training In-house is tailored specifically to your business and team’s need

One good thing about in-house Magento 2 developer training is that the training is focused purely on your business and team needs. All other irrelevant topics do not apply. The training provider will spend the time to work through what you want to achieve in your business and then train your developers on how to achieve it. Developers are also free to ask questions as it relates to the projects at hand. This helps you to pay for what you need and not for generalized trainings.

All you need do is to brief the training provider about your business and the team needs so you can generate the best outcome from the training.

2. Magento 2 Developer In-house Training equips the in-house team with the skills to run the business

The Magento 2 Developer training provider has experience about Magento development and all its requirements. Developing a Magento 2 store requires different technical skills. Running an excellent e-commerce store requires a good knowledge of HTML and Javascript to build a top-notch online store you will love.

You will also need someone with top-notch skills in managing the back end which includes payment gateways, server setup, API knowledge, etc. These and more are the skills a Magento 2 developer training provider will bring to the table to teach your in-house team.

3. Magento 2 Developer In-house Training will help your in-house team to know how to fix any problem that comes up immediately.

When you train your in-house developers, they can quickly identify problems when they arise and fix them immediately. Sometimes, there may be an issue that needs to be fixed very fast in order not to disrupt customers experience in your online store. For instance, if there is a problem with your payment gateway and customers cannot make payments, it will lead to a loss of sales for your business.

Having a trained team of Magento developers will help to quickly fix such issues. You will not have not to lose customers and sales because your online store is down.

4. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training saves cost

In-house Magento 2 Developer training saves cost. You don’t have to pay for each one of your staff because most training providers offer discounts for larger teams and so the cost is reduced. 

Also, the cost of outside training such as traveling, hotel accommodation, food, and logistics are not there. Instead of you sending your team to a public training, you have the training provider coming directly to your organization, saving extra costs.

5. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training makes it easy to control of time and duration of the training

With Magento 2 developer training in-house, you get to control when and for how long the training will take place. You can do the training when the season is low for your e-commerce business.

For example, you can organize training after the New-year when things are slow and just picking up. Also, you can schedule the training in such a way it will not conflict with the normal work hours so that employees can still discharge their duties and learn at the same time. That way, you will not disrupt the business processes. 

6. Magento 2 Developer Training In-house encourages team building

Magento 2 developer training in-house encourages team building. Each department will come together to learn how to work together to resolve issues when they arise. It breeds an understanding of each developer’s role in achieving business needs.

Also, everyone will be on the same page as to what is needed for the business to succeed. Team building is a very important to the success of the organization. It enhances motivation and helps to foster a company culture. The training will help them bond together and feel good about their abilities to work together to achieve a common goal.

7. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training increases profits and productivity

In-house Magento 2 developer training will help your team to learn new skills and to develop existing skills. They do this while on the job and they can return to the work after the training. This helps to boost productivity for your business. Your newly trained team can help you customize and enhance your e-commerce store.

This can lead to more profits for your business. Imagine a team with a good knowledge of Magento 2 development and customization? They can transform and customize your e-commerce store in different ways. This can boost conversion and sales.

8. Magento 2 Developer Training In-house is convenient

Training your team on Magento 2 in-house is convenient for both the organization, the teams and the training provider. You don’t have to move your team from one place to the other. It is location based.

The only thing is to move the provider to your office. This can save you valuable time and efforts. You can arrange the training to suit their working time.

9. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training improves the team’s confidence

Developers that are trained in-house get to boost their confidence in the line of their duties.

When the developers are confident, they will be able to face obstacles or issues that arise during and after Magento 2 development or customization and solve them. The truth is, there will be issues with the e-commerce platform, but because they have been trained, it will be easy to solve them.

10. Training Developers on Magento 2 Developer gives a competitive edge to beat the competition

Training your developers in-house gives you a competitive edge to beat the competition. There are e-commerce stores online doing the same business as you. You need strategies to outsmart them.

Training your in-house developers is one strategy you can use. Training helps your developers to become better, raise their bar and go for excellence. It gives them new ideas to implement that can set your business apart from the competition.

As good as Magento 2 developer training in-house is, it has disadvantages as well.  Below are some of them.

Cons of Magento 2 developer Training in-house

1. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training is Costly

One disadvantage of Magento 2 developer training in-house is that it is costly, but the benefits you get from the training far outweighs the cost. If you handle training in-house, you will have to pay the training provider for his time.

There are other costs such as the administrative cost of setting up space and the equipment needed for the training.

2. Magento 2 Developer Training In-house Provider’s qualification and experience specify the result you get.

The Magento 2 developer training provider you use matters a lot. If you employ the services of a Magento Developer who does not have the required certification and experiences, you will not get the best. 

The fact is, there are lots of self-acclaimed Magento Developers out there. Make sure that the provider you want to use has the required qualification such as a Magento Developer Certification and the experience needed to do a good job. 

The Magento 2 developer training in-house provider you want to use should be a Certified Magento Developer. This is because Magento is a dynamic platform and it needs professionalism. Hiring a Certified Magento Developer will give you the assurance you are working with a professional who has up-to-date knowledge about the platform. Apart from that, you will also want to ensure that the provider has the experience and they have handled similar training before. This is where you need to request their portfolio to ensure they can handle your project. An experience Magento 2 Developer should have a couple of projects in their portfolio.

3. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training takes time from the daily running of the business

Organizing a Magento 2 developer training in-house for your team of developers can take time from the daily running of the business.

This is why choosing an appropriate time for the training is essential so that your business will not suffer at the expense of the training.

4. In-house Magento 2 Developer Training puts pressure and distraction on Developers

Some developers may find it difficult to balance their work with the training provided. This can mount pressure on them. They may be distracted from their duties. This can lead to inefficiencies and temporary reduction of performance at work.

5. Magento 2 Developer Training In-house can make the developers take their skills to a competitor

There is no way you can guarantee that one of your trained developers will not leave after you have empowered them through the training.  Some of them can quit because of the new knowledge they acquired.

There is no way to know which employee will leave or which will stay. This means all your investment in the training may be a loss to the company. So, it is a risk you are taking.


Above are Magento 2 Developer Training In-house pros and cons. The truth is, the pros far outweigh the cons. Training your in-house developers is a worthy investment you will continue to reap from. It will boost your conversion rates and you will be able to favorably compete with big brands in your niche.

Training your developers is a great idea. But the problem is getting a certified and experienced Developer is difficult.

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