Performance Optimization

Performance optimization


Optimizing the speed of the site on Magento is a key development factor. The most important reason is that speed allows customers to get the best experience when shopping in the online store.

To minimize the risks of slow site loading, the user needs to optimize his Magento site regularly.

Pronko Consulting Team prepared for you 6 tips to optimize your Magento store:

  1. Site hosting. Choose a server that can handle the traffic load and the system itself. Use a server that is geographically close to your target audience.

  2. Server and caching. Store heavy data (images, videos) in several places using CDN. This ensures that your users will receive content faster without loading the main server. You can also use a web application accelerator - HTTP proxy caching to speed up your Magento store by 80%.
  3. Magento Configuration. Remove any extensions you are not using: go to the admin panel: System/Configuration/Advanced/Advanced. Besides, enable the internal system cache: System/Cache Management.
  1. Combine Javascript files. It will significantly reduce the download time.

  2. Turn on the Flat Catalog for products and categories. If there are more than 1000 products in the store, this can be very beneficial. Use the admin panel: System/Configuration/Catalog.

  3. Turn on file compilation. Magento has a compilation function, which sometimes gives a performance increase of up to 50%. The Magento compiler reduces the load by copying all files to a single directory and also caches.