Migration to Magento 2

Migration to Magento 2


Tracking the lead time of migration is one of the key requirements for a successful transition to a new platform. For small E-commerce sites, this factor does not play such an important role as for large projects. Therefore, in the case of large websites, the migration process on average can take from several to ten months.

It is worth considering that at the same time you do not have to go offline for such a long time. The longest stage of the transition to a new platform is the process of creating a backup copy of the database, so after that, it is necessary to include a balancing phase, which in turn requires the introduction of an offline phase.

It is also important to introduce restrictions on operations that should not be carried out during the migration period.

Exporting the contents of a database is a rather lengthy process, however, just like importing this content into a Magento 2 database. The current structure of Magento 2 allows direct data transfer from one database to another.

Usually, information about what data should be transferred from the Magento 1 database to the Magento 2 database is embedded in the corresponding configuration file. However, official support for this feature became available only in the latest versions of Magento 1. Earlier versions require manual configuration file corrections.

We provide a migration service from Magento 1 to Magento 2. As we've already mentioned a migration of a big project can take ten months to transfer all the data. However, this change is worth it.