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The Bing Ads extension allows adding a UET tag to your website to monitor customers’ activity with tracking multiple conversion goals and creating remarketing lists to better target your audience.

  • Optimize your ad campaigns for more conversions
  • Track conversion goals
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Audience remarketing made easy
  • Supports major tracking tags
  • Track conversion on the order success page
  • 100% test coverage

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, is a service providing pay-per-click ads to the Bing search engine. One of the solutions that Microsoft Advertising offers to monitor the performance of the ads and track related conversions is Universal Event Tracking - a tool allowing to track the customer’s activity after they have clicked the ad.

Through the Bing Ads extension, you can quickly install and configure UET for your website and start tracking multiple conversion goals. In addition, UET data can be used for remarketing purposes, too.  

With the Bing Ads extension by Pronko Consulting, you can add the UET tag to your Magento 2 web store and enjoy its functionality immediately. The installation of the extension requires no changes to the code of your website, therefore, no coding skills are needed. 

After installing the Bing Ads extension, you can set up the specific conversion goals that you would like to monitor to estimate the effectiveness of your ads discoverable via the Bing search engine. For example, you can set the following goals to be tracked:

  • Number of users visiting your web store. This goal shows how many users visited your website after clicking your Bing ad.
  • Time users spend on your website. You can set up the UET to track how long users stay on your website after they have clicked the ad.
  • Number of completed checkouts. If you want to know how many users actually completed a purchase when they were redirected to your web store from the ad, you can configure the tag to track such events as conversions.

The Bing Ads extension provides the complete flexibility of the UET configuration. You can set up event parameters that you regard as a conversion, conversion value to monitor the effect of each event, the destination URL format. With Bing Ads extension added to your website, you get a complete picture of your Bing ad performance.

In addition to the conversion tracking functionality, the extension gives you wide remarketing opportunities. The data gathered via the UET tag allows adjusting your Bing advertising to reach users who have visited your website before.

Our Bing Ads extension comes with 100% test coverage ensuring that the product performs as intended.


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Multiple conversion goals tracking
  • Audience targeting
  • Remarketing lists
  • Support of major tracking tags
  • Compatibility with other leading tag management systems
  • Conversion tracking on multiple pages
  • 100% tests coverage


Before using the Bing Ads extension, you need to create a Microsoft account. Your Microsoft account is where you are going to manage all Microsoft Advertising activities including the configuration of Universal Event Tracking.

The Microsoft account is created free of charge. You can immediately start creating ads and setting up your UET tag.

Bing Ads uses the pay-per-click billing model. Your account will be billed only when your ad is actually clicked, and the fee depends on the keywords you used.

Pronko Consulting charges no additional fees for using the Bing Ads extension except for the initial purchase price.


Pronko Consulting offers ongoing support of the Bing Ads extension including all version releases and bug fixes. For any additional information on the extension, contact us at

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