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The PagSeguro Payment module for Magento 2 web store allows the merchants to accept online payments quickly and securely. This is one of the best in class payment integrations professionally implemented and tested by developers specializing in building payment modules for Magento 2. The PagSeguro module for Magento 2 allows your customers to pay without interrupting their checkout journey on your website.

  • Redirect and Lightbox Payment Experience
  • Advanced Payment Management from Magento Admin
  • Transaction Notification support
  • Installments support

We are releasing new features and improvements regularly to ensure that the module offers the best functionality and creates great customer experiences. 

This integration uses the PagSeguro Payment API (PCI SAQ A) with redirect and lightbox support.



PagSeguro, a UOL company, is an online payment solution that enables anyone to complete transactions or receive payments using credit cards, bank transfers, payment slips, or their PagSeguro account balance. UOL is the leading internet services and online content company in Brazil. It provides an extremely safe environment for online transactions. The company also reduces the barriers for online purchases by automating online buying and selling processes and allows businesses of any size to increase their online transactions. For more information, refer to

PagSeguro is a Brazilian gateway that also processes foreign transactions. With this extension, your Magento 2 website can offer PagSeguro as one of the payment methods. To ensure consumer safety, all financial transactions are conducted within the secure environment of PagSeguro, therefore, you do not need to purchase an SSL certificate.


Our PagSeguro extension ensures the highest level of customer data security and PCI compliance. At the core of the module, there is the PagSeguro Payment API (PCI SAQ A) that guarantees secure online payments in the form of both redirect and lightbox. 

With a redirect, the customer is redirected to a PCI level 1 compliant PagSeguro page. In the lightbox form, the transaction details are entered into a lightbox on the web-store page. However, the payment is processed in the PagSeguro secure environment.

The PagSeguro extension never stores customer data on the Magento server nor processes credit card transactions by the Magento server. The transactions are always processed by the secure PagSeguro payment server.


The PagSeguro Payment module for Magento 2 supports all the necessary features allowing you to accept and manage online payments with PagSeguro Payment. Particularly, the extension supports the following features:

  • Fully PCI Level 1-compliant payment integration
  • Lightbox support with seamless user experience
  • Redirect support for the more secure experience
  • Support of the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex, Hipercard, Aura, Elo, PLENOCard, PersonalCard, Brasilcard, FORTBRASIL, CARDBAN, VALECARD, and Cabal
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-account support
  • Flexibility in controlling the transaction status when an order is placed. This feature is useful when an additional stock or payment verifications need to be performed.
  • Flexible and powerful PagSeguro payment configuration
  • English and Portuguese language packs


The PagSeguro Payment module for Magento 2 comes with a support period. All support requests will be reviewed within 24 hours. All future module updates and bug fixes are included. We review and discuss all additional feature requests.

Please email us with any queries:

Release Notes

Version 2.2.0

released on January 6, 2021

  • Added Magento 2.4 support

Version 2.1.0

released on August 6, 2019

  • Moved PagSeguro Payment configuration to the Pronko Extensions section
  • Added CsrfAwareActionInterface interface to controllers
  • Removed Magento 2.0 and Magento 2.1 versions from the composer.json file
  • Removed Accepted Currency setting from Admin Config as the BRL is the only currency supported
  • Removed "Module Version" from the configuration config
  • Updated Pagseguro configuration page header
  • Fixed an incorrect total amount which is applied during redirect

Version 2.0.0

released on July 2, 2019

  • Added Magento 2.3 support
  • Updated coding standards
  • Changed More URL to point to the configuration
  • Removed Magento 2.0.x support
  • Updated PagSeguro PHP SDK library to version 6.0.0
  • Updated order status according to config from the backend
  • Fixed 400 error page is displayed for the customer user after trying to place an order with 'PagSeguro' payment method.
  • Fixed max_order_total and min_order_total settings path in the configuration
  • Fixed Lightbox doesn't work if the PagSeguro script is not loaded on the page
  • Fixed unable to serialize value error when switching to Brazil Locale
  • Updated the PagSeguro module to support the latest API changes
  • Updated English (en_US) Language package

Version 1.0.7

  • Added Magento 2.2 support
  • Removed dependency on monolog/monolog library
  • Added psr/log dependency into composer.json file
  • Removed PHP dependency from the composer.json file

Version 1.0.6

released on May 12, 2017

  • Fixed error with menu translate XML configuration
  • Fixed Configure button for payment method configuration section
  • Updated PHPUnit version to match Magento 2
  • Fixed Card icons duplication on payment methods configuration page
  • Removed year from copyright header
  • Fixed missing translation for Changelog popup

Version 1.0.5

released on 2017-03-08

  • Fixed incorrect order status when Pay or Available Notification is received
  • Fixed PagSeguro logo on the Stores Configuration page
  • Removed additional comment for Waiting for Payment Notification

Version 1.0.4

released on February 27, 2017

  • Added additional transaction data for Order View page, Payment Information section
  • Added Payment Method Code and Payment Type fields for Customer Account
  • Added validation for a shipping address when sending Checkout request
  • Added price conversion to float
  • Added now Admin can see real Payment Status Code change every time Notification has been sent
  • Added additional Order Comments for each Notification processed on Magento side
  • Fixed incorrect order reference id processing during Notification request
  • Fixed transaction creation during Invoice creation from Notification

Version 1.0.3

released on February 23, 2017

  • Added validation for 11 digit phone number before sending Checkout request to PagSeguro

Version 1.0.2

released on February 14, 2017

  • Fixed Order status in case of Boleto payment method is used during checkout.
  • Now order status is set as Pending Payment
  • Fixed invalid Customer Name and Product Name when sending Checkout transaction
  • Added validation rules for checkout request fields

Version 1.0.1

released on February 9, 2017

  • Added Shipping Type configuration setting
  • Fixed Email is not sent to a customer after successful order placement
  • Removed unnecessary logging when processing Notifications
  • Implemented Invoice refund service for PagSeguro Notification with status Refunded
  • Implemented Order Cancel service for PagSeguro Notification with status Canceled
  • Added In Dispute, Waiting for Payment and Pending Order comments from PagSeguro Notification
  • Added messages support when PagSeguro return validation error during checkout
  • Fixed invalid phone number format when sending a payment request to PagSeguro
  • Fixed empty price when Configurable product sent to PagSeguro
  • Removed sequence dependencies on Magento modules

Version 1.0.0

released on February 7, 2017

  • Implemented Redirect Checkout support
  • Implemented Lightbox Checkout support
  • Implemented Refund and Cancel support from Magento Admin
  • Implemented PagSeguro Notifications support
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