Magento 2 Shipping: Streamlined and pleasant experience for your customers

Shipping is an essential part of online shopping and customers care a lot about it. They want to know the cost of shipping and how quickly the product will arrive. Failure to meet up with customers’ expectations can reduce your conversion rate. In fact, shipping cost is one of the reasons why customers abandon their carts before they check out.

If you look at most successful e-commerce businesses, you will find out that they have good shipping procedure in place. For example, check out on Amazon. Amazon has numerous shipping options that make it easy for customers to buy. This includes free shipping, same-day delivery, scheduled delivery etc.

An effective and efficient shipping system will help you to grow your e-commerce store.

A study revealed that three-quarters of online shoppers would like their orders shipped the same day. Two-thirds would like to receive their products within hours of ordering and less than a third of consumers surveyed were willing to pay more for faster delivery.

The study above clearly revealed that shipping is an important aspect of an e-commerce business. Ability to deliver products to customers on time will give you leverage over your competitors.

The question is:

How do you satisfy your customers’ shipping expectations?

The answer is to use Magento 2 shipping.

Magento is known to be the preferred e-commerce platform for businesses around the world. Till date, Magento has a huge impact on the businesses that have adopted the platform (link). The previous versions of Magento did not have much shipping options, which led to abandoned carts. Magento 2 comes with an excellent shipping module that provides excellent shipping functionalities which makes shipping easy for store owners and customers.

Magento 2 has several shipping method alternatives. The customers have numerous options to choose the shipping method that best fit their rates. It provides tracking and order status for products ordered. This saves the customer from going to another website to track their products or check the order status. If you have not upgraded your Magento store to the latest version, now is the time to do so.

Below are the mouth-watering features of Magento 2 shipping.

1. Connect with more global carrier services

Magento's integration with Temando made it possible to connect with popular and efficient carrier services that can support your business and reduce the cost of integration. Magento 2 enables you to configure 11 shipping carriers. These include FedEx, DHL Express, UPS, Australia Post, etc. Users can sign up easily and account auth with their preferred carriers. You can quote, book and track shipments right from the Magento 2 interface. It is easy for users to cancel a shipping, set up different accounts with the same carrier in different locations.

2. Transform shipping and fulfillment into a sales tool

In the Magento 2, you can manage free shipping promotions in order to increase basket size. You can show important shipping options to your customers according to where they are located, the warehouses, products, etc. You can set up shipping options like flat-rate shipping, free shipping, same-day shipping, international shipping, click-n-collect, collection points, etc. Essentially, these shipping options can help you to drive more conversions.

3. Easily Fulfill and ship orders

With the new Magento shipping options, you can automatically assign carrier services and set up dispatch rules. You can pick, pack and dispatch your orders from Magento 2. It is easy to create carrier compliant shipping labels and documentation. Your customers are also adequately informed with automated tracking notifications.

4. Excellent packaging for products

With Magento 2, packaging becomes interesting and exciting. You can store all packaging types in Magento to help you optimize the packing process, set default product dimension, increase the effectiveness of shipment rating with optimized packaging and assign SKU's to different packaging types.

5. Ship from anywhere

Magento is simply opening up your business to new markets. This is because it connects you to international carriers. You will be able to ship from locations close to your customers, enable hyperlocal shipping experience, process integrated documentation needed for customs clearance, etc.


Above are five Magento 2 shipping features. You cannot enjoy any of the features above if you are not using Magento or you have not upgraded your store to the latest Magento 2 version. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about it, we can handle it for you. For more information, send us an email on message or call +353(85) 85 32 401.