Magento 2 Development Workshop - Enroll Now!

Mage Mastery announces its Magento 2 Development Workshop that starts on June 1, 2020! We invite beginner Magento developers with the basic knowledge of web development. After the workshop, our students will be able to create and implement their very own Magento 2 extensions and work with the main Magento components.

What will you get?

When you enroll in our Magento 2 Development Workshop, you are in for four weeks of intensive practical training backed up by profound theory. The course is divided into 60 lessons that gradually build your Magento 2 knowledge and skills from the very basic concepts to building and testing your own Magento 2 extension.

Here’s the list of topics we cover in the workshop:

  • UI Components
  • Magento 2 Object Relational Management
  • Customer Account Features
  • Magento 2 Rendering System
  • JavaScript async requests and promises
  • Knockout templating and View Model
  • Unit Tests
  • More...

How is the workshop organized?

The workshop is an online event. Once you enroll, you get access to the training materials that you can review and practice at your own pace. Lessons are delivered on schedule and remain with you to revisit when necessary within 3 months.

After each lesson, you are assigned homework to test what you learned. The homework is reviewed and commented on for you to learn the best practices of Magento 2 development. Moreover, you can always consult your curator to get assistance with any issues or questions you might have.

What about practical exercises?

They are going to be plenty. The workshop includes 140 practical tasks where you can see how Magento 2 works and what you can achieve with it. This program is not about just listening to your instructor - on the contrary, you will need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Who is the instructor?

This workshop is prepared and conducted by Max Pronko - an experienced Magento 2 developer, instructor, consultant, and acknowledged Magento Master - Mentor. Max teaches only what he personally tried and tested and selects only the most advanced and effective tools to show to his students.

How can I enroll?

That’s very easy. Browse the Magento 2 Development Workshop page, select the plan that suits you best, and click Enroll. You will get all the instructions including the required software setup by email.

Welcome aboard!