Top Best 7 Magento 2 Free Themes to Kick-Off your E-commerce Store

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. This is why a lot of business owners are using it. If you are you starting out your e-commerce store, you want to upgrade to Magento 2 or you want to give your e-commerce store a new look, you can consider using free themes.

Selecting the best free Magento 2 themes can be a difficult task as there are many free themes available. However, you don't have to worry; we have done the work for you.

Find below the list of 7 best Magento 2 free themes to kick off your e-commerce store.

1. BizKick - free responsive theme for Magento 2

Bizkick is a free responsive Magento 2 theme you will love for your e-commerce store. It is suitable for businesses like digital stores, mobile shops, fashion, bags, shoes, and accessories. It has the following features: 

  • It is easy to install with just one click.
  • It is mobile responsive. This means your customers can access your website right from their mobile phones. They can order your product and services while on the go.
  • The theme's design is attractive. One thing that attracts customers to a business is aesthetic. The look and feel of your e-commerce store matter a lot. Bizkick is a beautiful theme that makes your customers come again and again.
  • The theme is search engine optimized. This means it will help you attract traffic from search engines. The more visible your website is on the search engines, the more traffic you get to your website. 

2. Ketty Magento 2   

The Ketty Magento 2 theme is a responsive theme. This means your customers can access your e-commerce store on different devices. Your website will adjust to make it easy for them to interact with it and this will enhance your conversions. Other features of the theme include: 

  • A website slider that enables you to show different products, promos or any other thing you want to highlight to draw your customer's attention.
  • Colour swatches that make it easy to create color swatches for your products. This implies that your customers will see the product they love in different colors, fabric, and size, leading to more conversions.
  • Ajax cart makes it easy to add products to carts without the page reloading. It makes it easy for your customers to add and remove products from the cart without interruptions.
  • Other features include product zoom and faster checkout. 

3. F2 New free Magento 2.0 Theme

F2 free Magento 2 theme is designed with all the features that will make it easy to run your e-commerce web store. It is a responsive theme, making it easy for your customers to access it from anywhere.

It has interesting features such as: 

  • Unique catalog page that makes it easy for your customers to check out your product
  • Image slider to enhance your product image
  • Custom page design to give you a brand identity
  • Unique product page that zooms in on your product
  • Configurable swatches to make it easy for your customers to view the product in different colors and sizes
  • Carousel product listing
  • Compatibility with major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc 

4. Ves Fasony

Fasony is a new Magento 2 theme built with Bootstrap 3.x. It is compatible with the latest Magento version. It has the following features: 

  • A premade layout that is crafted to attract and keep customers in your e-commerce store.
  • An image slider that shows your product images to enable your customers has a good view.
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Flexible and mobile friendly. 

5. FreeGo

FreeGo is a responsive Magento 2 theme that has a minimalist design. It has the following features: 

  • Easy to customize to fit your brand.
  • Backend panel that helps to build a functional e-commerce store.
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Child theme for advanced customization to make it easy for theme update
  • New & featured products list to showcase eye-catching product
  • Brand and blog owl carousel
  • Sold-out product label to inform customers when products are out of stock
  • Mobile friendly
  • Works on major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. 

6. Pixtron

Pixtron is a free Magento 2 theme built with lots of amazing features. It is great for digital businesses such as fashion stores, mobile phones, shoes, and accessories. The features include: 

  • One click installation - makes it easy to install even if you are not a techie.
  • Mobile responsive to make your website available to customers on any device.
  • Eye-catchy design that brings customers back again and again  
  • Search engine optimized, helping you to draw traffic from search engines.
  • Fully customizable admin setting. 

7. Necessary

Necessary is a free Magento 2 theme designed for a multi-purpose e-commerce store. You can customize it to suit your brand. It is suitable for any kind of e-commerce store. It has the following features: 

  • Mobile responsive.
  • The visual content editor that allows you to edit content on the front end.
  • Product images can be customized and you can also customize the number of products display per row.
  • Free widgets such as bestseller products widget, Ajax new products widget, featured product widget, sale-off product widget, Tabs widget, carousel slider widget, advance new product widget and CMS static block widget.

There you have it! Top best 7 Magento 2 free themes to kickoff your e-commerce store. Need to upgrade to Magento 2? Send us an email on message or call +353 85 85 32 401.