New Converge Elavon Release Version 1.2.0

Pronko consulting team is happy to announce the release of new Converge Payment module release 1.2.0.


Converge Elavon 1.2.0 release includes the improvements below:

New Partial Refund (Credit Memo) Feature

Sometimes customers are not satisfied with the product they buy. It’s either because the items are damaged or they received different products from what they ordered. At such point in time, they have the right to ask for a refund.  

This necessitates the addition of this feature to the Converge Elavon payment extension.  The feature helps to create a partial refund for your customers. It is a way to give your customers their money back for the product they are not satisfied with.

You can refund any amount as needed.

To create a refund, follow the steps below:

1. Magento admin converge credit memo

The list of created Credit Memo documents can be found under the “Credit Memos” tab of the Order View page.

2. Magento admin order items converge

The Order View page can give you an indication of exact products which were refunded. To see it, check “Items Ordered” section where Qty column shows the number of a refunded product.

3. Magento admin converge transactions

The list of all payment transactions can be found under “Transactions” tab of a Detailed Order View page in Magento Admin.

4. Magento admin order comment converge

The comments sections show the successful payment transactions performed for a particular order.  You can notify customers by email and also make your comment visible on the storefront.

5. Customer account refund page

From the customer account perspective, the list of Refunds is available under the Refunds tab of the Order page. A customer can see all refunds created for a particular order.

6. Customer account order view page

To check if the products from an order have been refunded, go to My Orders page and check the Qty column where the total number of products has been provided.

Other Converge Elavon Module changes

The Converge Elavon 1.2.0 also includes the following improvements to the code:

  1. Fixed Credit Memo creation from Magento Admin for Demo transactions
  2. Fixed the request_url value is now saved as a string in a converge_debug.log file, previously a Zend_Uri_HTTP object has been stored

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