Amazon AWS S3 Cloud Storage Outage

Amazon AWS S3 service experiences error rates increase for last 3 hours, February 28, 2017. Major services and websites are affected by the errors increase at AWS S3 service. === This includes Docker HUB, Trello, HipChat, Zoom, Slack, Travis CI, New Relic. The biggest Cloud provider has yet to reveal the cause of the breakdown, which is simple storage buckets hosted in the us-east-1 region. Issues kicked off around 9:44 Pacific Time (17:44 UTC) today. ## Latest information from AWS Engineers Update at 2:08 PM PST: > As of 1:49 PM PST, we are fully recovered for operations for adding new objects in S3, which was our last operation showing a high error rate. The Amazon S3 service is operating normally. Update at 1:12 PM PST: > S3 object retrieval, listing and deletion are fully recovered now. We are still working to recover normal operations for adding new objects to S3. Update at 12:52 PM PST: >We are seeing recovery for S3 object retrievals, listing and deletions. We continue to work on recovery for adding new objects to S3 and expect to start seeing improved error rates within the hour. Update at 11:35 AM PST: > We have now repaired the ability to update the service health dashboard. The service updates are below. We continue to experience high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, which is impacting various AWS services. We are working hard at repairing S3, believe we understand root cause, and are working on implementing what we believe will remediate the issue. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and scale past trillions of objects worldwide. Magento and Magento 2 websites might be also affected by the AWS S3 outage. Magento 2 static content for frontend servers could be served from S3 storage in us-east-1 region. Magento Community is sharing their thoughts about AWS S3 outage: is down because S3 is down. Sorry everyone.
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[mojo status] Monitoring: Our support system running through Zendesk is experiencing slowness and degradation d...
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"Digital ocean is a joke - you can't use it for production apps"
-- People that use S3 for production apps
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In case you wanted to know what the internet was like before Amazon AWS/S3. Remember this moment young ones. And learn some lessons here.
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Alternatives There are few good alternatives to avoid service or website downtime when AWS S3 errors rate increases. The AWS S3 Cross-Region Replication can help to eliminate single point of failure when storing objects for production environment on a single AWS S3 bucket. In case you are confident to move all your objects to Azure Storage which is cloud storage solution, this could be also an option. ### AWS S3 Cross-Region Replication [Cross-Region Replication]( helps to make it easier for you to make copies of your S3 objects in a second AWS region. You can use this feature to meet all of the needs that I described above including geographically diverse replication and adjacency to important customers. ### Azure Storage [Azure Storage]( is the cloud storage solution for modern applications that rely on durability, availability, and scalability to meet the needs of their customers.In addition to making it possible for developers to build large-scale applications to support new scenarios, Azure Storage also provides the storage foundation for Azure Virtual Machines, a further testament to its robustness. ## AWS S3 Status Page Up to date information about progress for the outage reported in us-east-1 region can be stracked using [AWS Status Page](