Production Release Process

When it comes to supporting our clients, we have different processes in our company. These processes help to ensure a straightforward and transparent way of work. One of such processes we have is the Production Release Process.

What is Production Release Process?

A production release process is a set of rules our software development team follows to ensure a smooth transition of the new functionality from a test environment to a production server. This process helps every member of the team to be aligned and know what exactly needs to be done at every stage of the project delivery.

Production Release Process

Every time, the new version of the software is prepared for the release, we follow the procedure.

The following is the process:

  1. All tickets are tested and reviewed by a developer and quality assurance (QA)
  2. The status of the tickets is "Ready for Release" set by QA
  3. The release version is created in JIRA by QA
  4. Tickets have release version and are assigned by QA
  5. A release ticket is created and assigned to a developer
  6. The pull request for the release was created by a developer
  7. Pull request is reviewed and compared with the release version by the Technical Lead and the developer responsible for the release
  8. Developer notifies QA about the scope of the Pull Request
  9. The pull request is merged to the main branch by the Technical Lead
  10. An email with the release notes is sent to the stakeholders by QA or Project Manager
  11. The release has been done on the production environment
  12. Tickets from the release are tested on production and closed by QA
  13. The email with the results of the release has been sent to the stakeholders
  14. The release is closed in JIRA by QA

The below is the Production Release Process diagram that provides a high-level overview of the process.

As we use Jira Project Management software, we ensure that all our projects follow the exact same procedure. Even if a new project is onboarded, our team knows how to start supporting the project from early stages of the delivery.

How we work with incoming support requests?

Every time, we receive a support request from a client, we ensure to follow the procedure. All tickets, once created in JIRA, go to the triage phase. The triage team is responsible for the ticket validation, ensuring that all details are listed so that the development support team can clearly understand the steps to reproduce. Triage team sets the priority of the tickets in a backlog based on the clients needs and expectations. It is also important that the triage team not only listens to all clients, but uses their best judge in every situation to ensure maximum efficiency of the delivery.

What happens when an issue has been found?

There can be situations when an issue has been reported during the production release testing or by the client after the release. In this case, the follow up release is scheduled as soon as possible in order to provide a fix to the production environment. In rare situations, the hot fix is implemented so the client can be assured that the issue is fixed in case the long-term fix is required.


Every time, the new release is scheduled, we create a new Release tag in JIRA. It helps to group all planned for the release tickets. It also provides a clear picture for a client on the scope and dates of the release.


Our Production Release Process helps to ensure that all releases are thoughtfully tested and prepared to be deployed to a production environment. It allows our clients to sleep well and ensures that their e-commerce websites are in good hands and handled by professionals. In case you are looking to handle your next big release, feel free to speak to one of our professional team and we will help you plan and deliver as per schedule.