Today, we announce the release of version 2.0 of our PagSeguro Payment extension. We have worked hard to improve and enhance the feature set you are getting with this extension and are proud to say that, like the rest of our products, PagSeguro Payment extension 2.0 proved to be an effective and reliable solution. With this extension, you are getting secure integration with a major payment gateway on the Brazilian market.

PagSeguro Payment extension 2.0 improvements

Below, we have outlined the changes and improvements that we included in version 2.0.

Magento 2.3 support

The new version of our PagSeguro Payment extension now supports the latest version of Magento platform. For our customers, this means seamless integration web stores built using Magento 2.3 and easy installation.

At the same time, we removed the support of the obsolete Magento 2.0 version.

PagSeguro PHP SDK library updated to version 6.0.0

With the release of the new version, PagSeguro extension now uses version 6.0.0 of its PHP SDK library, thus benefiting from all improvements that were included in the latest PHP library version.

Support of the latest API changes

PagSeguro extension 2.0 offered by Pronko Consulting uses the updated API provided by PagSeguro. This way, our module ensures effective integration of the payment gateway functionality with your web store and proper payment processing.

Coding standards improved

The Magento platform supports a set of coding standards serving as guidelines for contributors collaborating on the Magento code or creating extensions. We have brought our PagSeguro extension to Magento standards to ensure better integration and compatibility with other products built using Magento.

Bug fixes included in PagSeguro extension version 2.0

An error message is no longer displayed on the Checkout page

We made the necessary changes to the extension, and now customers can select and use the PagSeguro payment method during checkout. Previously, they encountered an error message when selecting PagSeguro.

Minimum and maximum order total settings are processed correctly

In version 2.0, the minimum order total and maximum order total settings are processed properly. The PagSeguro payment method is either displayed or hidden on the Checkout page depending on the order amount.

Lightbox loading error fixed

Previously, when the PagSeguro script failed to load the lightbox on the Checkout page, the customer was unable to complete the order. We fixed the error, and now the customer is redirected to the Checkout page to continue placing their order.

Brazil locale settings error fixed

In version 2.0, we fixed the error occurring when the Brazilian Portuguese language was selected.

Link to documentation fixed

The More link on the admin page now leads to the Documentation page on our website.

We welcome you to install the updated version of our PagSeguro extension and hope your eCommerce business benefits from the improved functionality. Should you have any questions on the installation, configuration or use of the PagSeguro extension, do not hesitate to contact us!