Magento Top Quality Award for our Realex Payments extension in Magento 2

We are honoured to receive Magento Top Quality Award for our Realex Payments for Magento 2 integration. The Top Quality Award as well as recognition by our clients motivate us to move on and deliver best in class products and services.

Our commitment to deliver high quality payment integrations has been recognized by the highest Top Quality Award at Magento Commerce. Our Realex Payments module for Magento 2 has passed all levels of verification by Magento Marketplace as part of Extension Quality Program (EQP).

Extension Quality Program

To verify that extensions on the Marketplace are developed according to Magento standards and best practices, the Marketplace Team has introduced an Extension Quality Program (EQP). It is powered by Magento expertise, development guidelines, and verification tools. The result is a better coding structure, performance, scalability, and compatibility with Magento core.

The Extension Quality Program consists of two levels:

  1. Level 1 is a mandatory check for all extensions on Marketplace. This automated check focuses on extension package structure, basic code standards, virus/malware, and plagiarism. Each extension will also go through a marketing review.
  2. Level 2 is a deep technical review. The main focus is on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility. During Level 2, an extension goes through Sanity Check / QA review. Level 2 review is conducted by Magento engineers who review extensions in a timely and cost effective manner.

Read more about Extension Quality Program at Magento website.

What does it mean for a Merchant?

Fully secure and PCI DSS Compliant Realex Payments module allows your customers to pay without leaving checkout user journey of a website. From a quality perspective, the Realex Payments integration is unique in that it was built by former Magento core developers. This means you can rest-assured that the complies with all Magento Coding Standards and best practices. Additionally, it ships with automated unit tests and has been carefully tested on all Magento 2.x versions.

Realex Payments Functionality

Our Realex Payments module for Magento 2 provides all necessary functionality to manage and accept payments online:

  • Fully PCI Compliant Hosted Payment Page
  • 3D Secure support
  • Hosted Payment Page redirect, iFrame embedded form or popup support
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion support
  • Improved Realex Payments Configuration settings section
  • Supports the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, 3V Visa, Dinners, Maestro International, Switch/Solo
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts support
  • Provides transaction management from Magento Admin
  • Choose between Authorize and Capture payments (customer's payment will be immediatelly captured) or Authorize Only online payments (in case additional stock or payment verifications should be performed)
  • Supports partial Invoices (also known as Multi Settlement) and partial Credit Memos (Refunds)
  • Supports creation of orders and capturing payments from Magento Admin using Realex Payments, also known as Mail Orders/Telephone Orders (MOTO)
  • Provides Authorization Transaction information at Order View Page. Additional validation allows store owner quickly see result of Address, CVN and Post Code data entered by a customer
  • Manage and report all transactions in a signle page, export reports into CSV and Excel with just few clicks.

    Visit Realex Payments page at Magento Marketplace for more details.

    We are fully committed to deliver highest quality to all our clients and Magento eco-system.

    Magento Marketplace Team

    Special thanks to Magento Marketplace Team for constantly improving processes and proactive collaboration!