Mage Titans Manchester UK 2016

We are happy to share great news about Mage Titans event which will take place at November 12, 2016 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Mage Titans is a conference for Magento Developers by Magento Developers. This year the conference includes great speakers lineup of Magento professionals in different areas including Magento 2 Backend development, Frontend development, Test Driven Development, System Administration, Behaviour Driven Development and Magento 1 experts.


Mage Titans is going to be a 1 day event, Saturday, November 12, 2016. There is also a plan to have workshop the day before, November 11, Friday evening. Number of tickets are very limited, so hurry up to get one.


Speakers this year are really great and kean to share their Magento knowledge to everyone. Let's take a closer look at the speakers list:

  1. VINAI KOPP, Magento Master
  2. BEN MARKS, Magento Evangelist
  3. MAX BUCKNELL, Magento Developer
  4. FABRIZIO BRANCA, Lead System Developer
  5. FABIAN SCHMENGLER, Magento Developer and Consultant
  6. JAMES COWIE, Magento Developer
  7. TONY BROWN, Magento Developer
  8. MAX PRONKO, former Magento 2 Developer
  9. REBECCA TROTH, Project Manager
  10. and more...


You may find and purchase tickets at Mage Titans website. Hurry up, number is very limited.

Make sure to follow #MageTitansMCR for updates and @MageTitans.

Our team is also going to attend Mage Titans event this time. Together with Max Pronko we plan to share our experience building Payment integrations for Magento 2.