How you can benefit from our new LiqPay Extension

Dear Merchant, Magento-world has something new for you! 

We introduce you a LiqPay extension, which has been developed and ready to make your customers happier with payments.

About LiqPay Extension

LiqPay is a web-interface of PrivatBank (the largest commercial bank in Ukraine), with the help of which Mastercard/VISA cardholders from all over the world can pay for goods/services on your website, as well as send money transfers from card to card.

Thanks to this extension you can easily integrate LiqPay into your e-commerce website and help your customers make payments more conveniently.

Learn more about the opportunities for your online store here:

Converge LiqPay Functionality

  • Variety of payment methods: Card, LiqPay wallet, Cash, Email account, Installment plan, Masterpass, QR code - to pay quickly
  • Payment tracking - to be sure that the operation was successful
  • Changes in payments status and an invoice creation - to get fresh information and control of current payments
  • Test mode support - to be confident with your payment process 24/7
  • Easy registration process - to complete your registration in 3 steps.

Account & Pricing

To create an Account, please, visit LiqPay website: 

You must go to the link and follow the next steps:

  1. Enter your mobile number.
  2. Fill in the password from the SMS you received.
  3. Fill in personal information: your full name, address, and email.

Once it’s done, you can send money transfers, accept payments on your website and set invoices by email. You need to add a card to your account. If cards are already displayed in your account, select the main one to accept payments.

Only for our special customers, we created a very special offer - LiqPay Extension which is free of charge! You can easily get it here:

What’s Included

  • 100% open source code
  • User and Installation Guide document
  • License Type: Single site license + Development site

Now LiqPay extension is free to use. This is a great opportunity for you to experience all the benefits of using our service for free. However, we encourage you to use our support service, as it will help you to solve all problems very quickly and provide the most convenient payment service for your customers.


LiqPay extension for Magento 2 goes without support. If you need support, please select an additional service on this page. Our additional services for LiqPay Extension are:

  • 6 months support 
  • Installation 
  • Configuration 

All support requests will be reviewed within 24 hours.

Only Pronko Consulting customers can benefit from the LiqPay Extension. Have you tried it so far? Don’t be late to use it’s advantages for free!