Last call for Magento 2 Backend Developer Training

With our training right around the corner, we would like to put together its main highlights in a single post. We hope this information will be useful both for those who have already reserved their seats and those who are still undecided. Well, let’s jump right in.


August 29-30, 2019


London, 102 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL, United Kingdom. That’s very close to the center of London and easy to get to. With our training ending at 6:00 pm, you will have plenty of time to enjoy London.

What’s in the program

The training program is based on the latest version of Magento and covers the most advanced tools and techniques. It consists of eight modules structured to give you a complete picture of Magento backend development.

Whom we invite

Magento developers with some experience. At the same time, the training will cover each Magento feature or tool in detail so that even beginner developers will find it useful.

What you can expect

Heaps of new knowledge that you can take home with you. Here, the word “new” is used in its most literal sense, as the training is focused on Magento 2.3 and the advantages it gives to developers.

You can also expect lots of live demonstrations and practical exercises. You will be able to try everything you learn immediately and see the result.

What you definitely shouldn’t expect

A boring monologue and a slide-show that is too small to read. On the contrary, we welcome discussions, experience sharing, stories of real cases you had in your work.

What else you will find

Fun. Eight hours of Magento 2 backend can be a bit too much even for seasoned developers, thus we are planning enough coffee breaks to let you reboot and get ready for the next session. Our training sessions are always a great place for making new contacts.

Who your instructor is

Max Pronko, the CEO of Pronko Consulting, will spend these two days with you sharing what he knows about Magento backend development. As an author of the training program, he selected the most relevant topics and created interesting practical exercises.

Why you should attend

To become a better professional. The IT world does not stand still with new tools appearing all the time. We want to help you learn and start using them in your work. Besides, the knowledge you receive will be useful for leveling-up in your career or passing a Magento certification.

With that said, we are looking forward to meeting you in London for our Magento 2 Backend Developer Training. Reserve your seat if you haven’t done so already and see you in London!