How do you monitor the activity of user administrators?

Today we want to share with benefits of the Admin Activity Tracking extension. 


The Admin Activity Tracking extension is a Magento 2 module designed to provide online merchants with the ability to monitor the activity of user administrators in their web store. By installing Activity Admin, the online merchants get a complete overview of all users' actions displayed on the Admin Panel in a clear and detailed manner.


The Admin Activity Tracking extension allows the merchant to track everything in their web stores better. You will see any action with an exact time stamp and the user's name and ID. The log provided by the extension shows all changes to the web store configuration, allowing us to trace each action to the user who performed it.


With the Admin Activity Tracking extension, online merchants can monitor web store configuration changes in real-time and respond quickly to any actions that are unwanted or made by error. The extension allows an immediate switch to the configuration panel to update the web store settings should such an update be required.

What data does it collect?

The user activity report contains the following data:

  • Admin ID
  • Admin Username
  • Last Action Time
  • Last Login Time
  • Last Action

The configuration report contains the following data: 

  • Record ID
  • User Name
  • Created At
  • Store View
  • Config Path
  • Old Value
  • New Value

What are the features here?

Admin Activity Tracking can:

  • Track all the admin users' actions
  • Record of the detailed information about admin users' actions
  • Form of all the changes made by the admin user in the configurations
  • Switch to configuration path
  • Display the time and date of the last login admin users
  • Create comprehensive user activity and configuration reports

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