How can Microsoft Advertising help your online store?

The Bing Ads extension allows adding a UET (Universal Event Tracking) tag to your website to monitor customers’ activity by tracking multiple conversion goals and creating remarketing lists to better target your audience. 

Actions that you can do with this module

  • Easily import campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising
  • Learn how to create great ads
  • Advertise globally or locally
  • Reach customers in any country or region, or within a specific distance from your business
  • Measure campaign performance with reporting
  • Track your online advertising budget and spend
  • Evaluate ad and keyword performance
  • Develop insights for optimizing campaigns
  • Create a catalog for your products with Microsoft Merchant Center

How does it work? First, there is customer search: people enter search terms called keywords into search engines like Bing. Then customers see your ad: if the keywords in your ad match a search, your ad appears next to or above search results on Bing. Finally, customers contact you: you can configure your ad so people can call you, visit your website or go right to your door.

Want to install it? Go to the link by the link: