5 Ways to Optimize Customer Journey for Conversion in Magento 2

Every customer desires to have a seamless journey when purchasing on an e-commerce store. However, this far from reality. A lot of business owners do not optimize their customer journey to make it easy for them to make purchases. This is because optimizing the customer's journey is not an easy process.

However, when done correctly, it has a good number of advantages, which are:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

How do you optimize your customer’s journey for conversion on your Magento 2 e-commerce store?

There are five stages a visitor will go through to convert on your e-commerce store. They are the awareness, interest, desire, decision and the expand stages. Below is how you can optimize the five stages to drive more conversions.

1. Awareness

The awareness stage is the point at which the potential customer knows of your product and services. This is where you can use different marketing strategies to ensure that people come in contact with your online store and that they also engage with it to become customers. Some ways you can optimize this stage to attract prospective customers are:

a. Word of mouth online advertising

Word of mouth has proven to be an amazing marketing strategy that is still relevant online. But, here you will add a twist to it to generate more result. You will give an incentive to anyone that shares their experiences on your website with friends and family. You can enable them to share the product they are viewing on their social media profiles. When they do that, you give them an incentive through a reward program.

This will enable you to get more eyeballs on your e-commerce store.

A good example is from Teaching Royal Adventure, a leading online brand. They created a “refer a friend” referral program to attract customers to their fashion store as seen below:

b. Add your social media channels to your e-commerce store

Adding your social media channels to your website will enable shoppers to connect with you. Ensure your website visitors can access your social media profiles from your website. You can place it by the side or at the top of the page. Don’t forget to always link your social media posts to your product pages.

2. Interest

This is the second stage of your customer’s journey. After they are conversant with your e-commerce store, they will develop an interest in your product. This is the time for you to capture their attention to enable them to make a purchase decision. Below are ways you can make your website stand out:

a. Ensure you have a good UX design

The first thing your visitors will come in contact with on your website is your design. If you don't have a good design on your Magento 2 websites, it will turn them off. Also, if your pages are loading slowly, you will lose customers. This is where you will need the services of a good Magento developer that can help you to build a highly optimized Magento e-commerce store that loads faster with a good user experience.

b. Use professional product images

Buying products from a brick store is easy for customers because they can see and feel what they want to buy. The only way customers can see what they want to buy online is by giving them a high-quality image of your product images. The images should be clearly showing the products in the right dimension. You can hire a professional product photographer to get good images of your product. Check out the image of the watches below. It is clear and crisp.

3. Desire

The desire stage is when the stage where your customers are convinced and they are getting ready to make a purchase. This is the stage they are looking for proofs such as customer testimonial, reviews, FAQs. This is the stage you need to provide more information about your product such as the key features, benefits of your products, etc. Below are ways you can optimize this stage for more conversions.

a. User Reviews

In the desire stage, prospective customers are still looking for more enticing information on the product they way to buy. Here, you can use customers’ reviews on your product Make sure your shoppers leave honest reviews of the products they bought so that your visitors can read it and be encouraged to buy as well. Below is a good example of a product with customer reviews.

b. Use product tags

Product tags are a great way to optimize your customer’s journey when they are in the decision-making process.

Product tags add more functionality to your products. It adds social proof to your products. It helps you to draw the attention of your customers to your products. You can optimize your Magento store products by adding tags like “bestseller”, “top rate”, “new product”, etc.

Below are examples:

c. Disclose product availability

You can show your prospective buyers whether your product is available for sale. This will let them know whether they can order it or wait for it to be available. You can also use "limited in stock' to create a sense of urgency and make them buy right away.

Below is an example:

4. Action

This is the most important stage of your prospective customer’s journey. It is the stage where they are ready to buy your product. All your actions here must be geared towards ensuring that they complete this process. You can optimize this stage by following the tips below:

a. Ensure that the cost and delivery time is clear

Make sure you spell out your product price and delivery time and options. You can make it a free shipping or a two-day delivery. Let them know when to expect the product.

bUse good payment option

One thing that discourages customers from completing their shopping cart is not finding their payment options on the checkout page. Magento 2 have several payment extensions you can use to give customers variety. For example, you can use Realex payment or Elavon payments. They are good payment extensions that are secure and they offer different options to accept payment.

5. Expand

The customer journey does not end after they make purchases. You still need to show them you care. This will enable them to make repeat visits to your stores. You need to follow them up with emails to create relationships with them. In Magento 2, you can create coupon and discount codes on similar products and send it to them through their emails. You can also use reward programs (such as buy 3 get 1 free) to encourage repeat visits to your store. You can create newsletters to showcase your new and best-selling products and send it to your prospective customers.

Above are five ways you can optimize your customer’s journey for conversion in Magento 2. Have you tried any of the tips above? Share your experience in the comment section below.