The Cache Warmer module allows you to hurry up your online store because of a fast automatic caching of the pages. The most features of Cache Warmer are:


  • Faster page loads with warmed cache
  • Working with websites, webshops and API's
  • Scheduling and triggers to warm the cache


The CacheWarmer extension helps you get the power to automate the cache warming and make it invisible to the shoppers. The extension emulates visitor behavior and timely updates data from the page in order that your customers to get the specified content speedier. In this manner, you attract more customers to your store.


This full-page Cache Warmer extension for Magento 2 automatically adds pages to the cache that accelerates an internet store.

Every time your customer visits a page, the foremost recent version of the latter is being loaded.



  • A page's loading speed is several times faster
  • The latest page version is within the cache
  • The Google store ranking is improved thanks to increased page loading speed
  • Extension that works within the background requires minimum attention


Why should pages of your site be cached?

The store cache is cleared frequently so it becomes essential that you simply timely cache all the mandatory pages and keeps your customers also as computer program crawlers updated with the newest version of the page. If you ignore the method of website caching, store loading time increases and you will lose customers due to the slow speed of the website.

As per the recent analysis for an uncached page, Time to First Byte is often about 5-10 sec and for a cached page, TTFB is 100-500ms, which is far but for uncached pages. Therefore, to timely cache all necessary pages and supply customers with an ultimate shopping experience, you wish for a tool that automatically warms the cache and ensures fast pages load.

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