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What is Hyvä Themes?

Introducing Hyvä Theme: a groundbreaking frontend solution for Magento 2, engineered to elevate the online shopping journey. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like Alpine.js, Tailwind CSS, and Magento's GraphQL, Hyvä Theme sets a new standard for speed, responsiveness, and simplicity in eCommerce.

Designed with a laser focus on performance and user satisfaction, it dramatically minimizes unnecessary JavaScript, ensuring lightning-fast load times and effortless navigation for shoppers. For eCommerce enterprises, this translates to higher conversion rates, enhanced SEO performance, and a sleek, modern interface perfectly tailored to the demands of today's online consumer. Revolutionize your eCommerce experience with Hyvä Theme and stay ahead in the digital marketplace.

Hyvä Themes services we offer

With our bespoke suite of services meticulously crafted for Hyvä Themes, our goal is to unlock its maximum potential, guaranteeing that our clients' Magento 2 stores stand out as visually captivating, high-performing, and customer-centric platforms.

Hyvä Theme Installation and Setup

Maximize the potential of your Magento 2 store with seamless integration of the Hyvä theme, guaranteeing optimal performance and an enhanced user experience.

Custom Hyvä Theme Development

Customize the theme to perfectly match your brand's identity and specific functionalities, elevating the user experience to new heights.

Performance Optimization

Utilizing the inherent advantages of Hyvä, we push boundaries to further boost your site's speed and responsiveness.

Migration to Hyvä

Upgrade your current Magento 2 theme to Hyvä seamlessly, enhancing both frontend performance and backend manageability.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Count on our dedicated team for continuous support, guaranteeing that your Hyvä-themed store stays up-to-date and free from any glitches or bugs.

Training and Consultation

Empower your internal team with the expertise to effectively manage and unleash the full potential of your Hyvä-themed store.

Integration Services

Effortlessly integrate third-party tools or extensions with Hyvä, ensuring they seamlessly complement the theme's performance-centric nature.

SEO and Digital Marketing for Hyvä

Capitalize on Hyvä's speed and performance to achieve superior SEO results and elevate the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Extensions Conversion for Hyvä

Our team migrates existing Magento 2 extensions to comply with Hyvä Themes.

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1. Expedited Evaluation Process

Following our initial consultation, we embark on a comprehensive discovery phase to assess your eCommerce platform's current performance, Google ranking, and overall state. Based on our findings, we'll strategize whether a complete migration or a partial transition using select templates would be most advantageous for your business. Subsequently, we craft an action plan tailored to non-technical aspects such as data analysis, PPC campaign optimization, and SEO, ensuring a seamless transition to Hyvä.

2. Opportunity Assessment

Elevating your eCommerce operations is our priority, and we offer a range of solutions including conversion-driven redesigns, SEO enhancements, advanced data analytics, scalable hosting options, and integration of tools like PIM or OMS to maximize your potential.

3. Transparent Delivery Strategy

Once the project commences, we provide a clear roadmap detailing the delivery process for each facet of the operation. This includes comprehensive testing, technical SEO enhancements, data layer integration, analytics setup, and frontend development tailored to the Hyvä platform.

4. Key Milestone Showcase

In addition to regular sprint demos and progress reports, we organize significant milestones along the project timeline to present a consolidated overview of the collective efforts across different streams, culminating in a demonstration build of your project.

5. Weekly Progress Updates

Stay informed with our detailed sprint reports, offering insights into achieved outcomes and the current project status in alignment with our overall roadmap. Additionally, you'll receive invitations to bi-weekly demos to showcase our progress.

6. Comprehensive Testing and Simulation

Before the final deployment, your website undergoes thorough User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and pre-go-live simulations to ensure all aspects of the scope are delivered flawlessly and meet your expectations.

7. Seamless Go-Live Experience

With meticulous planning and execution, we strive to ensure a smooth transition to the Hyvä platform. Typically, the deployment process doesn't require a maintenance page, preserving customer sessions and enabling uninterrupted checkout experiences, even with the implementation of a single template.