Magento Payment Gateway for a Payment Service Provider

At Pronko Consulting, we build Magento extensions for general use and develop custom Magento-based solutions upon demand. In a latter case, we work closely with the customer to find out the requirements to the component that should be delivered and to implement the most effective solution.

The problem

GiroSolution, a German payment service provider, needed a payment gateway to be implemented in their marketplace. The payment gateway provides integration between service providers and marketplace platform enabling payment processing during transactions.

The customer needed assistance of professional Magento developers to build the gateway and to launch it on the eCommerce platform.

Magento 2 was chosen for the main reason of the customer’s marketplace being built on this platform. Magento is often appreciated for its flexible customization options, security and scalability, as well as straightforward development. However, implementing a payment gateway requires some special knowledge, therefore, GiroSolution decided to engage professional development services.

The solution

We developed a fully-functional payment gateway based on Magento 2, supervised its installation and provided after-launch maintenance and support. Together with implementing the functionality, we also shared our knowledge of Magento 2 and its features, so that the GiroSolution developers could continue maintaining the payment gateway.

The payment gateway developed by Pronko Consulting supports all payment methods currently provided by GiroCheckout (the payment engine implemented at the checkout stage):

  • giropay (Guaranteed online credit transfer for Germany) – also in combination with the age verification service giropay-ID
  • eps (Guaranteed online credit transfer for Austria)
  • iDEAL (Guaranteed online credit transfer for the Netherlands)
  • Direct debit with/without blacklist check (for Germany)
  • Credit card payments (for any country)
  • Paydirekt (Guaranteed online credit transfer for Germany)
  • Klarna Sofort-Überweisung (Online credit transfer for Germany)

We included flexible configuration settings allowing to fully adjust the GiroSolution payment method to the merchant business needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned payment methods, we also included Credit Memo and Invoice support. For better usability, the payment gateway also provides the Cancel and Void functions.

Security and PCI compliance:

  • The GiroCheckout function establishes communication with the online store via two channels simultaneously: browser redirect and an API call between the servers. This two-channel communication was provided to ensure that the store is still notified whether the payment was successful, even if one of the channel fails for whatever reason.
  • We implemented multiple security mechanisms protecting the data exchanged between the store and GiroCheckout: SSL/TLS, merchant- and project-dependent API secrets, checksums and extended validation mechanisms.
  • The gateway is PCI compliant, as it never requires any credit card details or stores them on the online eCommerce website. Rather, the buyer is requested to use an external payment form with the inherent security mechanisms. The credit card details are entered in that form, and the payment is processed directly by the external secure protocol. This solution also ensures PCI compliance for the merchants, too, requiring no other measures.

The project lasted for three months and included all development and deployment tasks. After the launch, we continue providing support to the GiroSolution team whenever they have any questions or issues.

The result

Both Pronko Consulting and the customer were satisfied with the project result. According to Michael Heumann, the representative of GiroSolutions, “the plug-in launched with no complaints from customers”. The payment gateway works as expected providing the required level of quality and security.

We enjoyed working with Michael and the GiroSolutions team, and hope that their impressions of our cooperation are similar. Michael Heumann specially mentioned that he was satisfied with the way Pronko Consulting organized project management: “They made the project very smooth. They continue to support us with minor errors and questions”.

We will continue the ongoing support of the Magento 2 payment gateway that we have installed for GiroSolutions and will gladly work with them again to implement other Magento features.