Magento 2 Training

Demonstrate that you and your team have skills needed to get the most out of Magento platform by participating in specific intensive Magento 2 trainings based on real-life use cases.


Suitable for all levels

Different forms and locations

Real-life cases

All questions covered

Online support materials


Participation in trainings gives students a commanding competitive edge in today’s professional life.

The best way to learn is to learn from professionals


Learning Magento 2 with Max Pronko is:

  • Real-life cases
  • Latest software versions
  • Deep dive into Magento backend development
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Tips and tricks to make development easier
  • Funny stories and jokes
  • Theory and practice easy to understand and follow


Find the training that works best for you:

  • Personal training if you want a one-on-one approach
  • Group training if you prefer instructor-led classes and socializing with like-minded people
  • On-site training if you want to train your entire in-house developer team. Based on a company’s needs, the training program is changed to meet clients’ expectations.
  • Online training if you prefer a self-paced learning schedule


Choose the training that fits your skill level:

  • Beginner training for those making their first steps in Magento development
  • Intermediate training for middle-level Magento developers wanting to improve their skills
  • Advanced training for senior developers looking for the latest Magento techniques and new use cases
  • Certification training for those who are getting ready for a Magento certification exam


We offer training sessions all over the world. Choose a location that is most convenient for you:

  • On-site training on your company’s premises - learn Magento with no travel or accommodation expenses
  • Training sessions in various locations both sides of the Atlantic - combine learning with travel and grab a chance to visit places you have never been before
  • EU- and US-based training courses - specially designed to address the developer communities 


Even with years of experience, there is something to learn


Why choose Pronko Consulting as your training coach:

  • We have 15 years of eCommerce software development experience with a focus on Magento and the related technologies
  • Our clients rank among the Top 500 Fortune companies
  • Max Pronko, our CEO, lead developer, and training instructor, is among 50 Top Magento Contributors
  • We have built a number of own Magento extensions that trade on the Magento Marketplace


Meet Max Pronko, the trainer and course designer:

  • An active Magento developer
  • A development consultant and motivational speaker
  • One of the Top 50 Magento Contributors
  • A devoted YouTube blogger with a dedicated Magento development channel
  • A participant and speaker at many international Magento and eCommerce events

11 trainings held

56 students taught



What our students say about Magento 2 Trainings:

  • That was very good experience. It had loads of things to learn, so it was fast, but at least we could get an idea and I can re-learn these topics. It was nice and pleasant to be in the room, talking to Max.
  • Great presenting skills, very knowledgeable and helpful for personal development as a developer.
  • Magento 2 Backend Developer Training with Max became a true kickstart for my professional growth. In just two days, I got the understanding of Magento architecture and concepts and had enough practice with Magento tools to be confident in my everyday work.