Magento 2 Converge Elavon payment improvements in 2020


Our integration between Magento 2 Commerce platform and the Converge Elavon payment provider is going to be massively improved. In this post, I would like to highlight some of the changes that are planned during 2020 for the Converge Elavon extension for Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Open Source e-commerce products.

Pronko Consulting delivers high-quality payment integrations for Magento 2 Commerce merchants. It improves conversions and customer engagement when it comes to payment experience. The recent security regulation changes that happened back in September 2019 have introduced a new level of requirements. Every payment integration should follow and comply with the new regulations.

Let's start with the major Magento 2 Converge Elavon extension breaking changes starting from version 2.0.

Welcome New Functionality

The whole purpose of such major changes is to introduce new functionality and features that are supported by the Converge Elavon payment service provider.

Credit Card Transactions

In addition to the Credit Card support, we are planning to add more features to support our Merchants who run Magento 2 Commerce.


You can set up recurring or installment payments in the Magento 2 Commerce for all market segments.


The transaction adds a credit card installment record to the Converge recurring batch. Once added, the transaction will run automatically within the specified billing cycle on the scheduled payment day without the need to send it for authorization.

Tip Processing

You can pass tips on the Service market segment at the time of the authorization Cashier-based processing or after authorization Server-based processing.


You can get information about the Credit Card balance.

End-of-Day Transactions

Those functions consist of resending email or receipt, searching for a transaction, running a summary report, or settling transactions.

New Integration Methods

Hosted Payments Page (HPP)
The HPP template of Converge helps create modern and responsive checkout pages by linking websites to Converge-hosted checkout pages branded with the logos and color schemes of the businesses.

The Lightbox implementation of Hosted Payments uses an iframe to embed the payment form as an overlay to your online shop. When Lightbox is invoked, your online shop darkens out and the payment page appears as a floating element on top.

Checkout.js gives the flexibility to customize checkout pages and the ability to use functional calls to submit transactions to Converge from a customer’s web browser.

Checkout.js is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Fully control the design of their payment page.
  • Use Converge to securely collect customer data and process payments.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout their website.

New Payment Processing Options

In addition to our Converge Tokenization extension for Magento 2 Commerce, we plan to bring to the market new payment processing options.

New processing options are to be added into the new Converge Elavon extension for Magento 2 Commerce:

  • Buy Buttons
  • MasterPass
  • 3D Secure
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Multi-Currency Conversion
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa Checkout

Removal of Deprecated Functionality

First of all, the support for Magento 2.1 and Magento 2.2 versions are going to be dropped. It is an important change for us and our merchants. Both Magento 2.1 and Magento 2.2 are based on unsupported PHP versions 7.0 and 7.1. The Converge Elavon version 2.0 is going to support the minimum Magento 2.3 version.

In addition to this, the Converge Elavon extension up to version 2.0 includes deprecated classes and functionality that is no longer used and supported. That is why we've decided to use the opportunity and remove all non-used and deprecated functionality in the next 2.0 major release.

We've also decided to remove the multi-shipping checkout support. It is known that merchants who use Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Open Source do not enable multi-shipping checkout due to a lack of support and features. Converge Elavon extension up to version 2.0 supports multi-shipping checkout, however, we made a decision that the support should be dropped.

Converge Elavon extension initially has been based on the pronko/converge-payment-library. This is an external library, that is framework agnostic. We decided to eliminate the usage of this library as it increases installation complexity for merchants and additional routine during the Converge Elavon extension release process.

About Converge

Converge Elavon is a payment gateway that enables you to process payments by using Elavon, a global leader in payment processing. More than 1 million businesses worldwide use Elavon to process their payments and the Converge Gateway is Elavon’s payment platform.

Converge enables you to add payment capabilities to any part of your business and scale as you see fit. As your business grows, you may need to accept payments on your new e-commerce website or maybe you’d like to commercialize your mobile app. Manage all of your payments in one place and accept a full range of payment types with Converge.

Accept payments online via Converge Elavon for a Magento® 2 eCommerce website. This is one of the best in its class payment integration that is carefully implemented and tested by Developers specializing in Magento® 2 and experts in building online payment solutions. Converge Elavon module allows your customers to pay without leaving a checkout user journey of a website. We are releasing new features and improvements regularly to ensure the best possible set of payment functionality.

Converge Elavon Functionality

  • Supports the following Credit Cards: Visa, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Dinners, Maestro International and JCB
  • Supports multi-currency and multi-accounts
  • Provides transaction management from Magento Admin Choose between Authorize and Capture payments (customer's payment will be immediately captured) or Authorize Only online payments (in case additional stock or payment verifications should be performed)
  • Provides Authorization Transaction information at Order View Page. Additional validation allows a store owner to see quickly the result of Address, CVN and Postcode data entered by a customer
  • Allows to manage and report all transactions in a single page, and to export the reports into a CSV or an Excel file with just a few clicks
  • Provides a comprehensive error validation which allows the system to notify a Merchant of any data errors or payment amount issues while sending a payment transaction
  • Supports order placement from Magento Admin
  • Supports one page and multi-shipping Magento Checkout experiences
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