Realex Payments Fraud Management for Magento 2

Realex Payments module version 2.1.1 with Magento 2.1.3 support has been released. It includes new Fraud Management support and general user experience enhancements.

Fraud Management

The Realex Payments Fraud Filter enables merchants to automatically Pass, Hold or Block transactions based on the result of one or more Fraud Filter Rules. Order is created with Suspended Fraud status in case payment transaction is Fraud. Realex Payment integration provides support for PASS, HOLD and ACTIVE fraud managements modes. Fraud Filter Checks are available when using Hosted Payment Page mode.

Suspended Fraud Order with Additional Information in Magento 2

Magento Vault Update

Our Realex Payment module is now supports latest version of MagentoVault module 100.2.0. The MagentoVault module has been updated in the recent Magento 2.1.3 release. There are few backward incompatible API changes introduced with the MagentoVault module. That is why major version has been increased.

In addition to API changes Vault module provides new User Interface for "My Stored Card" page. The page now called "Stored Payment Methods". Here is an example of the Stored Payment Methods page with Credit Card details stored for customer account.

New Storaged Payment Methods page User Interface in Magento 2.

General Enhancements

Status values are now match Status options from Filter on Realex Settlement Report Grid. ALso, the Status column has been renamed to Type column. It eliminates confusion between actual type of a transaction versus status.

Realex Settlement Report Grid in Magento 2.

Our Realex Payments module is no longer depend on Zend_Json library. All necessary data conversion uses MagentoFramework module.

Get Started

Our Realex Payments module for Magento 2 is simple to install and does not require any development skills. Your Magento 2 Checkout can start accepting online payments in just minutes after installation.

Go to our Realex Payments module's page for details.