How to integrate the Gumroad widget into your website?


The Gumroad Widget extension by Pronko Consulting integrates your Magento 2 website with Gumroad enabling a simple and fast checkout experience. It can be in 2 formats The embed widgets and the overlay widget. The extension helps you create a bridge between your products and your customers. It integrates with your website to make selling a breeze.

  • Inline/instant purchases on your Magento 2 site
  • Redirect support to Gumroad to maximize conversion
  • Embeds Gumroad products on your website
  • Auto-trigger the payment form
  • Enable single product purchases


Gumroad gives you 3 options for selling products from your website. The simplest is to put a hyperlink on your site that sends buyers directly to your Gumroad product page (i.e.

You can do this if you have: 

1) Access the HTML header of your site

2) The ability to install javascript on your site 

You can easily set up Gumroad purchase page right on your website, without directing your buyers elsewhere. There are 2 Widget options for integration:

  1. Gumroad Overlay

The Gumroad Overlay allows you to put a button or link on your website. When it is clicked an adorable payment window will open. You can change your product's button on your Widgets page. 

Clicking the buy "button" will create a "bundle buy" lightbox on the right-hand side of your website.

  1. Gumroad Embed

The Embed feature lets you do just that - embed your product within your page. If you have an SSL Certificate set up, the buying process is completely in line. If your site is not secured with HTTPS, you can redirect customers to the payment form in a new, secured tab. See an example of your products' embeddability on your Widgets page.

Again, both the Embed and Overlay methods require you to be able to edit the HTML of your site. If you do not know how to do this, please refer to the friendly support team (or robotic answering service) of whatever site-builder you are currently using.

Auto filling checkout information

You can optionally autofill every field within the Gumroad checkout flow using URL parameters, including:

  • Email
  • Pay-what-you-want price
  • Quantity
  • Variants and SKUs
  • Duration for subscriptions
  • Custom fields

Some URL examples:

  • ID=234&price=100&yearly=true

Install it with Pronko Consulting team. We would be happy to help you with this task. 

For more details go to the link: