Advanced Magento 2 Backend Developer Training in London

Good news for Magento developers! We are excited to announce a new 2-day Advanced Magento 2 Backend Developer Training. On August 29-30, Pronko Consulting invites Magento developers to London to spend two days learning Magento tools and techniques and immediately putting new knowledge to practice.

Your instructor, Max Pronko, will keep you very busy during these two days. Max is a professional Magento developer, and what he is going to share with you comes from hands-on experience. Be prepared for lots of tips, hints, and shortcuts that can speed up the development and help you build better eCommerce products.

The training covers all the essentials of Magento 2 backend development. Here’s the outline of the training program to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Day 1

Slot 1: GraphQL

Slot 2: Declarative Database Schema

Slot 3: WebAPI

Slot 4: UI Components


Day 2

Slot 1: Services Oriented Architecture

Slot 2: Dependency Injection

Slot 3: Object Manager

Slot 4: Plugins/Interceptors


The training is based on the latest Magento version and is focused on leveraging all its features and advantages. The program includes multiple practical exercises where you will use Magento tools to implement advanced features and build your own Magento extensions. 

These are going to be two days of hard work but also fun. Max’s trainings always encourage experience sharing, so if you have any stories of successful Magento use or challenges you faced in your work - do share!

We are excited to welcome you to this Magento 2 Backend Developer Training and spend two days with like-minded people. Use this link to secure your seat at the training, and let’s meet in London on August 29-30, 2019!