3 best CRM Integrations for Magento 2 in 2023

The center of any business is guests; delivering a satisfying client experience ultimately means adding gains. So how can you maintain a flawless business relationship at your Magento store while the complicated tasks vary across multiple brigades and members? The key to excellent client satisfaction lies in a comprehensive CRM platform.

Let's walk through all the stylish Magento CRM software that can unify all client-centric conditioning to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your Magento business.

Why does your Magento store need a CRM?

Magento 2 online stores, especially those in the B2B assiduity with a long deals cycle, can profit significantly from comprehensive Magento CRM software. The stressed reason is that CRM can simplify your business process by integrating all client-related conditioning into one central platform.

Store and manage client information rather than distributing and communicating client information amongst multiple business divisions. A CRM platform contains all up-to-date information that anyone can pierce and modernize.

Keep track of client commerce. Omnichannel retail has encouraged guests to interact with your business through multiple touchpoints. CRM software stores all leads and client relations across colorful deals channels.

Boost productivity A CRM platform can unite all deals, marketing, and client success conditioning. Therefore, a CRM makes it easier to establish a workflow or process for multiple brigades to follow. Plus, it reduces time on all the homemade work and tedious paperwork tasks.


Salesforce is one of the most advanced and professional CRM integrations for your Magento 2 store. While numerous CRMs are easy to use and accessible for small businesses but fail to serve as your business grows, Salesforce introduces a comprehensive set of CRM results that can help any business size and model.

Pros – highlight features

  • Straightforward and intuitive. Easy to use.
  • Complete control of client details, exertion history, crucial connections, dispatches, etc.
  • Advanced CRM features compared to other CRM software advanced marketing robotization, account, and contact operation.
  • Automate workflows produce automatic dispatch cautions and bus-assign tasks for platoon members — enhanced reports and dashboards.
  • Customize the interface using point-and-click tools or law for further in-depth customization.
  • Customize dispatch templates.
  • Log in from multiple biases. View and update guests' data with ease.
  • Colorful third-party app integrations
  • Client support.


  • High pricing compared to other results.
  • Fresh freights for add- ons.
  • Inviting options for small brigades and businesses.


Another worth-considering Magento CRM option for business relationship operation at your store is Zoho. Since being innovated in 2005, Zoho's main target has been bitsy and middle-size companies, meaning they understand all the problems your business might encounter too well. Therefore, they offer a complete set of tools and features to help your Magento store grow exponentially.

Pros – highlight features

  • Omnichannel communication Reach guests across multiple channels telephone, dispatch, live converse, and social media from Zoho dashboard.
  • Get real-time announcements when callers interact with your business.
  • Automate the trade and marketing process. Streamline lead nurturing process.
  • Automatepost-email conditioning.
  • AI deals with adjuncts and finds patterns to suggest workflows.
  • Dissect and optimize workflows with in-depth reports.
  • Set rules to spark instant conduct and follow up better with workflows.
  • Get real-time reports and perceptivity on deals performance and track KPIs for unborn prognostications.
  • Difference pricing that suits every business's requirements.


  • It requires some customization to get started.
  • The available forms need to be optimized for transformations.
  • There are some complaints about their client service.


HubSpot is one of the rare Magento CRM systems on the request that offers a free interpretation that authentically works. The free plan provides a robust each-by-one business result that triumphs all deals, marketing, and client service aspects at your Magento store.

Pros – highlight features:

  • Intuitive interface. Hundreds of available features can be accessed easily.
  • Manage all customer communications, including tickets and emails, from one inbox.
  • Get an up-to-the-minute view of the entire sales pipeline on a clean, visual dashboard.
  • Organize and track calls, emails, meetings, and notes. Create tasks to remind essential deadlines.
  • Free ads management tools. Available forms and landing pages to convert visitors into leads.  
  • Live chat and chatbot builder.
  • Automate connect management. Track activity and performance.
  • Create and send bulk emails for free.
  • 1,000+ app integrations.
  • Customize the CRM solution to adapt to your next phase of business growth.


  • Customer support on the free plan.
  • Easy to go over the capability of the free method.
  • Complicated pricing plans and options.