This section will show how to configure and work with Remote API Integration for the Realex Payments module in Magento 2.x. Before reading this section the extension should already be installed. Read Installing Realex Payment section for instructions.


Remote Integration allows to enable built-in payment form for Checkout in Magento 2. It will give you, the Merchant, more flexibility over look and feel for Checkout pages. Here is an example of Payment Form based on default Luma Theme in Magento 2:

Realex Payments Remote Integration

The payment form can be easily customised using CSS/LESS styles. Here is an example of custom Realex Payments form:

Realex Payment Remote Integration Custom theme

Next section will describe Remote API Integration configuration settings in detail.


In order to enable Remote Integration the Realex Payments module configuration should be adjusted. By default, when module is installed, Remote Integration is enabled. We do recommend to check all configuration settings before using module on your production web store.

From Magento Admin navigate to Store -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods section. On the Payments Methods page the Realex Payments method should be listed together with other installed payment methods in a system.

If you would like to read full description of each Realex Payment configuration settings please navigate to Configuration section.

The Connection Type setting should be changed to "Remote Integration" as shown below. Realex Payments Configuration Connection Type

Next, we recommend to check and configure Remote Integration specific settings such as Credit Cards displayed on checkout page, additional fields. Open the Remote API Integration tab next to Account Information.

Realex Payment Remote API Integration settings

Credit Card Types

The Credit Card Types field represent supported list of Credit Cards which can be enabled for payment form on Checkout page. You may select any of options which you would like to accept in your web store. The following is a list of supported Credit Cards by Realex Payments:

  1. American Express
  2. VISA / 3V
  3. MasterCard
  4. Diners
  5. Maestro International / Switch/Solo

Once enabled, Credit Card icons will be presented for a Customer at the Payment and Review page of the Checkout process and validated accordingly.

Realex Payment module does not store any customer sensitive information as part of the integration in Magento 2.

CVV Verification

The CVV (Card Verification Value) field can be enabled or disabled for Remote Integration. We recommend to enable CVV Verification for more accurate Fraud checks and verifications on Realex Payments servers.

Switch/Solo Issue Number Enabled

In case you plan to process Switch/Solo credit card this setting should be set to Yes. Once enabled, Realex Payments module will show additional credit card fields such as Start Date and Issue Number. In additional to this setting Maestro International credit card should be selected from the Credit Card Types field.

Gateway Remote API URL

This field represent API URL used to establish remote communications with Realex Payments server. It is used for in both cases when Connection Type field is Hosted Payment Page or Remote Integration. In most cases this field should not be changed and remain as is.