This section will show how to setup and use Realex Payments module. Before reading this section the extension should already be installed. Read Installing Realex Payment section for instructions.


The Realex Payment module can be easily configured to meet business expectations of your web store. This section will show you how to configure the extension via Magento® Admin.

From Magento Admin navigate to Store -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods section. On the Payments Methods page the Realex Payments method should be listed together with other installed payment methods in a system.

Realex Payments Configuration Section

By clicking “Configure” button all configuration module settings will be shown. Once you have finished with the configuration simply click “Close” button for your convenience.


Realex Payments configuration is divided by sections. It helps to quickly find and manage settings of each module feature.

  1. General Configuration
  2. Realex Payments Account Information
  3. Remote API
  4. Hosted Payment Page
  5. Fraud Management
  6. Advanced Settings

Please ensure you check all configuration settings prior to using Realex Payment. Pay attention to the Realex Credentials section, namely Merchant ID, Account, Secret, Refund Password fields.

General Configuration

The General Configuration section holds primary settings for the integration.

Realex Payments General Configuration

From this section you can configure the following:

Setting Value Description
Enable this Solution Yes/No Payment method becomes available for use as a payment method during Checkout.
Connection Type Hosted Payment Page/Remote Integration Changes type of integration. Remote Integration shows payment form and communication goes through API. Hosted Payment Page redirects user to a Realex Payment server.
Debug Yes/No Enables storing all transactions in a debug file.
Title Any Name of a payment method option visible on frontend.
Payment Action Authorize Only/Capture and Authorize Initial order payment transaction authorizes or captures amount.

The “Release Notes” link next to Module Version number opens “Realex Payments Release Notes” popup with all release versions and changes included. You may always come back to this screen to verify changes and new versions installed in your Magento 2 web store.

Realex Payments Release Notes Popup

Realex Payments Account Credentials Configuration

Realex Payments Account Credentials section holds account information. The Realex Credentials section stores all Realex-related settings provided by the Realex Payments provider. Please contact our Customer Services for further assistance in creating your Realex Payments Account.

Realex Payments Account Credentials

From this section you can configure the following:

Setting Value Description
Merchant ID Any Merchant ID provided by the Realex Payments.
Account Any Account provided by the Realex Payments. Used for Hosted Payment Page auth/capture transactions.
Default Sub Account Any Sub Account provided by the Realex Payments.
Sub Accounts Any List of additional sub-accounts configured by the Realex Payments. It allows to assign an alternative sub-account to a card type e.g. American Express and send all sales transactions using American Express credit card to this sub-account.
Secret Any Secret provided by the Realex Payments.
Refund Password Any Refund Password provided by the Realex Payments.

Sub Accounts

Realex Payments module allows to create unlimited number of additional sub-accounts under main Account. In order to add new Sub Account simply click “Add” button and fill Name of a sub-account and select Card Type you want to map with.

Realex Payments Sub Accounts

If you wish to remove a Sub Account the “Delete” icon right to a Sub Account will remove it. Make sure to click “Save Config” to save any changes made.

Remote API

Realex API section allows to configure remote integration built-in payment form.

Realex Payments Remote API

From this section you can configure the following:

Setting Value Description
Credit Card Types Predefined values: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Maestro International Enables Credit Card Types.
CVV Verification Yes/No Enables additional CVV verification field
Switch/Solo Issue Number Enabled Yes/No Enables additional Switch/Solo fields. Make sure to select Maestro International Credit Card to use Switch/Solo option.
Gateway Remote API URL URL Gateway URL for communication with Realex Payments server.

Realex Payment module sends Base Store Currency during communications with Realex Payments provider. If you wish to have Dynamic Currency Conversion support enabled for your website please contact Customer Support.